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    Children Have You to Thank For Their Healthy Smile

    Ask any parent and they will emphatically agree that raising children is challenging but nevertheless rewarding.   In every aspect of their growth, parents seek out the best practices for raising their children and keeping them healthy.   Along with the physical exercise and examinations for a healthy body, dental habits and examinations are as important to promote the children’s overall health.

    Good oral hygiene habits instilled at an early age can prevent cavities and gum disease.  Being able to help shape our children’s dental health habits and attitudes can be a beneficial and rewarding parental responsibility.  Early dedication to good preventative care means your children will have less significant problems in later stages of development.The following is a general guide to educate your children as prevention is the best treatment.As Babies and Toddlers

    • As a baby after each feeding, gently wipe his or her gums with a wet sanitary cloth.
    • At the emergence of the first tooth, familiarize them with a child’s toothbrush-no toothpaste.
    • As soon as two of your child’s teeth touch, make flossing a habit.
    • Routine visits are recommended when your child turns one and regularly thereafter.
    • From age of two on, floss and brush your child’s teeth using toothpaste.
    • Always monitor and guide your children to make are not swallowing toothpaste and are thoroughly brushing.

    As School-Age Children

    • Generally up to age seven, assist your children with twice-daily brushing.
    • Continue to assist your child in daily flossing until they can do it on their own.
    • Schedule regular checkups and cleanings once every six months.
    • Consult with dentist if sealants are personally recommended.
    • Let your children pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste and encourage them to remember to brush daily without your insistence.

    As Adolescents

    • Teens ought to thoroughly grasp how and when to brush their teeth and floss, however small reminders may be necessary.
    • Promote healthy eating habits to educate your teen how certain foods can cause dental problems.
    • Maintain periodic examinations and cleaning twice yearly.

    Healthy dental habits will likely continue if parents are diligent about it when their children are young. Brush, floss, routine visits, repeat. Children are inclined to practice what they’ve learned and their dental health and smiles are sure to benefit. If you would like to discuss your children’s dental health, please feel free to contact us at Los Coches Dentistry at (760) 633-4488.

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