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    Celebrate Oral Health Month!

    The month of June is Oral Health Month! Supported by the American Dental Association, we invite you to take this time to remember the importance of oral hygiene. To celebrate the importance of oral health, we’ve created a brief timeline of key dates and events that have occurred throughout history. Continue reading on to find our top 6 dental hygiene tips to include in your daily routine.

    The History of Oral Health!

    Dental & oral health dates to over 5,000 years ago! From the creation of the toothbrush, in 2600 BC, to the creation of the electric toothbrush, we’ve created a brief timeline of some key dates that occurred in oral health throughout history. Check it out!

    Dental Hygiene Tips:

    Dental & Oral Health is an essential part of your overall health & well-being. It’s important to maintain healthy teeth and gums, so we’ve provided a list of our top six tips for ensuring healthy, happy teeth!

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