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    October is National Dental Hygiene Month!

    Did you know that October is National Dental Hygiene Month? To celebrate, we’ve created a dental health weekly challenge! We’re challenging each of our followers to dedicate one week of October to their dental hygiene. Drink more water, eat extra veggies, and improve your overall dental hygiene!



    What does a Dental Cleaning Entail?

    Ever wonder what Dr. Neff is doing during a dental cleaning exam? Below, read a brief overview of what’s happening during your biannual check-up!

    1. Physical Exam: First, the dental hygienist will examine your teeth and gums, take x-rays, and report any findings to Dr. Neff.  Then, Dr. Neff will perform a physical exam by using a small mirror to see your teeth up close! This exam is to check your teeth and gums for any other potential concerns.
    2. Cleaning Begins! Using that same small mirror and an ultrasonic scaler called a cavitron, Dr. Neff will work to remove any plaque and tartar from your teeth. The cavitron makes a vibrating sound and squirts water to more easily and less traumatically remove the tarter. Once this process is completed, Dr. Neff will go in and use hand instruments to fine-tune the tarter removal.

    Important to Note! Once a year, Dr. Neff recommends a full gum exam, which measures gum pockets to determine the presence of gum disease. Healthy gums have a pocket depth of 1-3 millimeters, while problem areas that require a deeper cleaning, have a depth of 4 millimeters or greater.

    3. Cleaning Continues! Next, Dr. Neff’s team will brush your teeth using a high-powered toothbrush and gritty toothpaste. This gritty toothpaste helps to get a deep clean and remove any remaining tartar left behind. Following the brushing, Dr. Neff and his team will floss your teeth, reminding you the best ways to floss – and pointing out any potential trouble spots.

    4. Ta Da! Lastly, you will rinse your mouth out, with a rinse that includes fluoride, and your teeth will be perfectly clean once again!

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