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    Simple Tips To Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

    Is it time for you to assess your child’s dental hygiene? Dental health is essential to a person’s general well-being. It should begin in the early developmental phases of your child’s life. Consider the following tips to help your kids keep their teeth and mouths healthy from birth on:

    Dental Tips for Infants 

    It is never too early to start an oral hygiene regimen. If you have an infant, start with cleaning their gums after every feeding by gently wiping the gum tissue with a wet washcloth. While toothpaste is unnecessary, once their teeth have come in, begin using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Create a consistent dental routine by brushing daily around the same scheduled time.

    Dental Tips for Toddlers

    Around one years old, you and your child should make an initial visit to a children’s dentist. During your child’s first appointment, Los Coches Dentistry will evaluate your child’s oral and dental development. In addition, we provide counseling about dietary habits, brushing and flossing instructions, and, if necessary, fluoride recommendations.

    At home, rewards are a great tool to encourage your children to brush their teeth and to help them stay consistent with their oral health. Visual aids such as a reward chart to help them achieve daily, weekly or monthly objectives can also be helpful. 

    Several educational tools to motivate your child to brush their teeth are readily available. Reading enjoyable books or watching engaging videos help to keep dental health fun and engaging for the whole family.

    Let your child select their toothpaste flavor and toothbrush design. Kid’s electronic toothbrushes are also available and help to get teeth cleaner than a traditional toothbrush.

    Dental Tips for School-Age Kids

    As your child gets older, flossing can still be a challenge. Use a hand-held flosser rather than string dental floss used by most adults.

    Introduce mouthwash into your child’s dental routine when they can use it correctly. The regular use of mouthwash significantly reduces cavities and early periodontal issues. 

    Children mimic many of your habits, brush and floss daily alongside your kids to reinforce the importance of good dental hygiene. 

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