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Simple Tips To Improve Your Children’s Oral Health

It’s never too late for Spring cleaning and we like to associate the season as an ideal time to assess your child’s dental hygiene.  It is crucial to everyone’s general well-being, especially in the early developmental phases of your child’s dental health. Consider these these tips to show your children to be mindful of their dental health:

  • It is never too early to start the oral hygiene regimen. Start with cleaning the gums of your infant after every bottle or feeding by gently wiping your baby’s gum tissue with a wet washcloth. Toothpaste is unnecessary. Once their little teeth have erupted begin using a soft bristled toothbrush and encourage them to brush around the same scheduled time.
  • Rewards encourage your children to brush their teeth. Visual aids such as a reward chart for month-to-month, daily or weekly objectives are helpful. For apparent reasons, choose rewards that are healthy and sugar based.
  • There are a vast resource of educational tools to motivate your child to brush their teeth through reading enjoyable books and engaging videos.
  • Let your child select the toothpaste and toothbrush design. Toothbrushes are available with cartoon designs, popular children’s characters, some which light up and have timers. Electronic toothbrushes are popular and do help getting the teeth cleaner. Toothpaste also comes in flavors your child will enjoy.
  • Flossing can be a challenge. It is recommended to utilize hand-held floss rather than the floss used by most adults.
  • Introduce mouthwash into your child’s dental routine when they are older. There is a significant reduction in cavities and early periodontal issues when mouthwash with a fluoride is part of the oral hygiene.
  • Did you know that tooth decay is contagious? If you have cavity or mouth disease, you can effortlessly pass it on to your kids by sharing utensils or cups.
  • As you are already aware, children mimic you in many of your habits. If you brush and floss daily alongside your children then they become much more receptive to follow you. Be a good role model.

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