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    Porcelain Crowns Brighten Smiles

    Who doesn’t want a bright beautiful smile?  Cosmetic dentists at Los Coches Dentistry can help you improve your smile with porcelain crowns.  Keep in mind, to be a suitable candidate, usually absent from your dental health are tooth decay, gingivitis, or severely misaligned teeth.  If these issues are corrected, porcelain crowns can dramatically correct tooth discoloration, small gaps between teeth, chips in teeth, and mildly crooked teeth.
    Porcelain crowns are very thin components of porcelain which are permanently attached to the front of an individual tooth.  They look like natural teeth due to the manner in which they reflect light.  Dr. Neff further explains, “that the process is relatively painless and simple.“  Depending on the patient, an optional local anesthetic is applied then a small amount of tooth enamel is shaved off.  An impression mold of your teeth is acquired and delivered to a lab where the crowns are custom created to your mouth.  Once the personalized crowns are completed, a “fitting” appointment checks the color, fit, shape and shading of the new crowns, and when satisfactory, cement bonded to the teeth.
     A follow-up visit allows for any necessary adjustments and delivery of an optional night guard for those who tend to grind their teeth.Although a number of porcelain crowns have actually lasted up to 30 years, the majority have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Whilst they are very durable, on occasion crowns display wear or are exposed around the edges due to gums receding.  Keep in mind also, porcelain crowns are not as strong as natural teeth and due to exerted pressure they can be chipped or broken. In the event that a crown chips, fractures, or comes un-bonded, it is easily replaceable.Caring for your crowns involves the standard brushing and flossing and regular dental hygiene checkups to keep them looking beautiful and durable. An added benefit is that porcelain crowns are resistant to coffee, tea, and wine stains.
    Crowns are strong yet brittle thus one should avoid breaking nuts with your teeth, chewing on ice, or other activities that might crack your crowns or even your teeth.Mainly because porcelain crowns are generally considered cosmetic, most insurance companies do not cover the cost unless medically necessary.  Procedures can cost anywhere from $800 and upward per tooth. The range is determined on how many teeth are involved, how complicated your case may be, and other analysis.  Notwithstanding, “porcelain crowns are a quick viable solution for a beautiful smile makeover,” notes Dr. Neff.  “It is a comparatively simple decision considering the process is painless and done in a few appointments with the aesthetic benefits of whitening, straightening and brightening your smile.”
    To learn more about porcelain crowns contact Los Coches Dentistry  or call (760) 633-4488 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable associate.

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