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    Oral Health: The Gateway to Your Overall Wellbeing

    How We Can Help the Carlsbad Community Conquer Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Bad Gut Health & More In my free time, in addition to trying to spend as much time as possible soaking up the Southern California sun, I recently started enjoying listening to podcasts. Hearing experts in the dental field talk in length about my […]

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    COVID-19 Complications Linked to Gum Disease

    Dental Tips to Keep Our Carlsbad and La Costa Communities Safe Recent studies show that COVID-19 complications are linked to gum disease. One of the reasons I love our Carlsbad, La Costa, and surrounding communities so much is our dedication to health and wellness. We love being active, enjoying the Southern California sun, and taking […]

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    Meal Planning Improves Your Dental Health

    Eat A Well Balanced Diet Carlsbad dentist, Dr. Neff, believes that eating a well-balanced diet can go a long way to improving your dental health. Therefore, select foods from all of the major food groups including vegetables, bread, fruits, milk and other dairy products, meat such as chicken and fish, and beans. Avoid fad diets […]

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    Why You Should Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

    Are You A Teeth Whitening Candidate?  Are you considering a teeth whitening solution to improve your smile? Is professional teeth whitening better than at-home whitening products? Read these simple facts about teeth whitening before considering purchasing home use bleach products or a visit to a cosmetic dentist. Is teeth whitening for everybody? Generally, healthy teeth […]

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    Dental Stem Cells Could Transform Cosmetic Dentistry And Overall Health

    Stem cells uncovered inside teeth have considerable consequences to enrich overall health.  Carlsbad dental professional of Los Coches Dentistry, Dr. William Neff recognizes, “with the breakthrough development connected to stem cells present within a non-exfoliating primary (baby) tooth, or wisdom tooth, a formidable potential is certainly available in dentistry. It’s going to be feasible to salvage […]

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