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    Meal Planning Improves Your Dental Health

    Eat A Well Balanced Diet

    Carlsbad dentist, Dr. Neff, believes that eating a well-balanced diet can go a long way to improving your dental health. Therefore, select foods from all of the major food groups including vegetables, bread, fruits, milk and other dairy products, meat such as chicken and fish, and beans. Avoid fad diets that avoid limit one or more food groups as this can result in a deficiency of important vitamins.

    Drink Plenty of Water

    Drink a lot of water. Keeping your mouth moist is very important because saliva protects oral tissue. If for any reason you find yourself without your trusty water bottle try sucking on sugar-free candy which can help increase saliva production.

    Avoid Sweets

    Also, foods that stick to your teeth will further promote tooth decay. Therefore, when snacking, avoid soft, sweet, sticky foods like candy, dried fruit, cake, etc. Good alternative snacks include nuts, yogurt, raw veggies, cheese, and sugar-free hard candies.

    Eating fermentable carbs like cookies, chips, or crackers is okay but make sure to eat them with a meal instead of by themselves. Additionally, foods that are eaten together neutralize acids and reduce the risk of tooth decay. A simple example of this would be to eat cheese with your crackers and not just the crackers alone.

    Keep in mind that eating too much or too little of anything can be bad for your teeth as well as your overall health. Oral bacteria will develop every time you eat. The type of environment you create by what and how you eat is in your control. Los Coches Dentistry can discuss how your diet may be affecting your dental health. Often, simple changes can make all the difference. Call now for an appointment at 760-633-4488.

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